Important Events in my life

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25th March 2001 This weekend I visited Elizabeth and Peter and Harriet, Michael and Gretel - mummy and daddy was also there.
25th February 2001 Mummy and daddy had visitors today - Claire and John came in the weekend (I do believe they came to see me!) and I had my first real outing to a restaurant.
19th February 2001 Today mummy took me for my first trip in my trolly. We only wend around the block, but I thought it was great!
16th February 2001 I went home today! It was a bit sad to leave the hospital, but even better to come home to mummy and daddy.
15th February 2001 Five feeds again today! And, I have gained another 100 grams. Mum thinks I am a good feeder.
14th February 2001 Five feeds today - I may go home to mum&dad on Friday if this continues!
12th February 2001 Great news today - three feeds! And I have gained weight; I have put on 100 grams since last time I was weighted.
11th February 2001 A big day today - I managed two feeds from mummy. They have told mummy that when I manage four feeds in one day I may go home!
8th February 2001 I am growing! I have added 25 grams to my weight the last week which is not bad for one born as early as I was. I have a long way to go though...
6th February 2001 I had my first bath today. There should be a picture on the Pictures page showing that big event. I quite enjoyed my bath, but it was even better to get back to bed. (Mum says that I am exactly like my dad in that respect, I am not sure what she means...)
1st February 2001@08:29 I am born!! The labour started the evening before, and mum has told me that things  happened very quickly. Oh well, I did not mind that.
24th January 2001 Ooops! The water broke this morning (must have been some of that kicking) and mum had to go to hospital
22nd Dec 2000 The first scare - I am very impatient and attempt escape a bit too early. Thankfully Prof. Elwood and his helpers manage to stop the early labour!